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About IVBA

IVBA, the International Venture-Builder Association, is an organization designed to assist Venture Builders with networking opportunities, access to resources, insight, and regulatory advocacy.

What is a Venture Builder?

The term "Venture-Builder" delineates a business model that is unlike those of incubators and accelerators. The latter, incubators and accelerators, provide third-party entrepreneurs and startups with initial capital, resources, services, contacts, and office space in exchange for minority dilutable stakes with little management control in the startups they work with.

Venture Builders, on the other hand, are the founders of their startups and start off with (or acquire) majority ownership and control of the startups they launch. Venture Builders can recruit co-founders for their startups, or may choose to hire talent as standard employees.

Corporations often operate Venture Builders. Some corporations organically branch out into opportunistic new ventures, which they later spin off into independent subsidiaries or into separate business entities. Corporations may also launch multiple startups on an exploratory or speculative basis in an effort to gain access to cutting-edge technologies and evolutionary business models that may become relevant to these corporations' lines of business.

Entrepreneurial Venture Builders are Venture Builders that are not subsidiaries of established corporations but rather conceive and launch new ventures based on an investment strategy and thesis similar to those of early-stage venture capital funds. Some focus on specific sectors, industries, or technologies, while others may be more opportunistic and sector, industry, or technology agnostic.

The term "Venture Studio" is sometimes used to describe "Venture Builders" but it is a more ambiguous term that is often also used to describe incubators and accelerators.

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